Monday, May 10, 2010

Heck yeah!! Finally some truth!

I like to read the news. I have a compulsion to read about crime. Yes it is a filthy addiction but one I can't seem to curb. For some reason reading/watching about the way human beings can torture each other is riveting. Not in a "Yay, that's awesome." way but more of a "I can not believe people can be so low." I tend to follow crimes against children the most as I want to see if justice prevails or once again the system fails and more children are at risk. Something about these crimes tears at me and breaks my heart so I try to keep tabs to make sure those precious ones get what small peace they can. I habitually check CNN and their justice page as well as Nancy Grace. I ran across this story today. I know she pled guilty to avoid the death penalty and that's fine. I am just glad she admitted to what she did to that sweet girl. When a child is harmed that is the age of one of my children it really just makes me so sad. I am glad that there can be some closure in this case for the Cantu family and that the responsible party will have to pay for the crime for the rest of her life.

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