Sunday, July 22, 2012

Out of the blue

I posted this picture on my facebook page this morning. I turned the computer on this afternoon to find this comment: "Im amazed at how the activists are so quick to defend their rights ( which shouldnt include assault weapons) in light of major tragedies and loss off life....all those wapons were legally purchased with ammunition and riot gear off the Internet...Good God people! Let the families bury their dead before crying about your rights, especially when no one has taken them!!"

After looking at her page I realized this was a comment she was copying and pasting on every gun related post she could find. She followed it up with this: "I know our Founding Fathers would never have foreseen the Internet and the major assault weapons that are freely available to us now because of their words...."

I was a little bit baffled as my post had nothing to do with the recent shooting spree and I had never really talked to this lady and only had her on my facebook at all so I could communicate with her about a dog sweater I had made for her. I answered back : " (crazy chick), I post these all the time..... Not just after a tragedy like the recent shooting. My heart aches for the innocent people that lost loved ones and for those injured. I DO believe however that we should be able to have access to those weapons to defend ourselves against those who would obtain them illegally. (I know this guy also obtained his legally). I have a gun that some would consider an assault weapon. I use it to shoot coyotes. The criminals are to blame, not the law abiding gun owners or the guns themselves.
It only took her a few minutes to fire back: " I know you do...I also believe in the right to bear Arms, concealed weapons, hunting etc., but I don't believe assault weapons and being able to purchase mass ammunition on the Internet falls within those rights and every gun owner freaks out about their rights when even Obama hasn't touched your precious rights. So why post this crap, THIS WEEK??"

I am confused. When did I say anything about Obama taking away my rights? I typically don't post political stuff on my wall at all. I am not educated enough on politics to voice an opinion. I have friends on both political parties. In order to keep the peace, I just don't post it.

I answered her one last time: "I guess we just have to agree to disagree then.
This statement really has nothing to do with rights. It just places the blame where it belongs."
I then unfriended her. I have enough on my plate without having her freak out on facebook. Get a grip lady. Less than 10 minutes later, I got a personal message from her.
"I'm sorry if I offended you, but I said nothing offensive. I respect your freedom of speech and beliefs on Gun Control and your beliefs about Mitt Romney...I never put my Obama stuff on openly....maybe things on MSNBC. but no anti- Romney and I'm never offended. Even all the Mormon stuff I see...I believe in tolerance especially on FB. But this one thing of yours I commented on...and I wasn't being rude...just my opinion. And your right we can totally agree to disagree...but just know it was not my intent to offend or be rude. You know this is the exact attitude that Mormons and gun owners get criticized tolerance...I believe it was your former President, Gordan B. Hinkley, whom I respected dearly, that spoke often on tolerance. God Bless...."

Now she's attacking not only my rights, my politics (or at least what she THINKS my politics are), but now she goes after my religion!?

I didn't answer back. I just posted this: 

Monday, July 16, 2012


   I know there has been a conversation about the FlashBang holster before. I agreed with most opinions that it looked kind of clumsy and just a bit dangerous.
   My opinion has changed.
   I ordered a holster from Bang Bang Boutique and when it arrived, it was not the holster I had ordered, but the FlashBang. I thought about it for a day and then decided I just HAD to play with it. I got it out, hooked it up to my bra and put my gun in it. If I stood still and didn't move, you could not see the gun (I am small chested and knew this would be a problem) But if I walked around, it slipped just enough to be visible. I was disappointed as I would probably have just kept the FlashBang (they were the same price and the FlashBang was already here, lol).
   Hubby was intrigued and wanted to see how fast I could pull my gun. Before he knew it, he was looking down the barrel of my Bodyguard. I promise it was unloaded, no magazine and on safety. He was impressed and told me to try it again. I reholstered the gun and stood there for a second or two. I again pulled and aimed without him even seeing me move. I LOVED how fast I could pull that gun! The bad guys would NEVER see it coming! There is no way to shoot yourself while drawing, the trigger is completely covered until the gun is clear of your body. It would honestly (almost) be worth getting implants just to be able to use that holster.
   After a few times, Hubby was just a little bit scared by my ability to draw so quickly. He asked me to stop. I had to draw once or twice more just to freak him out. I am sadistic like that.
   Honestly ladies, if you get a chance to play with a FlashBang....TAKE IT!

Monday, July 9, 2012

I love when a kid thinks big!! Supporting our wounded soldiers!

So I recently came across a new facebook page that was started by a 16-year-old girl. Turns out this girl is a local and one thing led to another and I ended up talking to her Dad. This is a family I can get behind. He is a part of the local militia group. If that wasn't enough to make him my kind of people his daughter clinched the deal! They recently welcomed a returned soldier brother (Uncle to our girl) into their home after he returned home from his tour and was discharged into homelessness. This Uncle shared some stories with our girl. She was pretty moved and decided she needed to help. So she took the paracord bracelets she had been making for the militia group and turned it into a business. Now she makes them and sells them and donates a portion of every sale to the group that works on granting wishes for our wounded soldiers. Talk about an awesome kid. She is also saving up another chunk of her earnings for college. I am loving this girl!! So I think we all need to spread her story around. We need to pass out the link to her store. We need to buy her bracelets even if we can make them. (Yes North, I am looking at you! :) Among others! Hehe! )  My own Bug has been inspired herself and wants to do something similar!! This is a beautiful thing! So go check out Parachord Products for Wounded Heroes.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Hunting.... I mean shopping for my birthday present a little early.

My birthday is next month. I am hitting the big 30. Most of my peers seem to lament this one but honestly I am excited. Part of it might be the hope that my father may actually begin to see me as an adult if I am 30. Part of it could be that I might finally seem old enough to have a 10-yr-old by the other parents and thus be treated like an equal. I don't know. I just feel good about this one.

Moving on..... I made a couple of pretty awesome recent discoveries. 1- is a local!!! So excited. I love what she does and all her beautiful things and learning that she is a local makes my gun chick fan girl heart go pitter pat. Yeah I might be a little creepy like that I know. 2- While really digging around on her site I discovered that there is a women's shooting group at one of the big ranges. It isn't super close by but I don't mind the drive.

So with that discovery I chose my birthday present. I want real range gear. I good range bag, eye and ear protection. The works to kit me out for some shooting fun without the guys. I want to really get out and actually make some friends and grow as a shooter. My surgery is over now it is time to really get to work!! So what are your ideas? Good place to buy a bag and gear. I also want a couple more mags for my HK. I really want to buy from readers or from small businesses rather than the big places so am happy to order off of a site. The best way to support each other is to spread the word and buy from each other when possible right?