Monday, July 16, 2012


   I know there has been a conversation about the FlashBang holster before. I agreed with most opinions that it looked kind of clumsy and just a bit dangerous.
   My opinion has changed.
   I ordered a holster from Bang Bang Boutique and when it arrived, it was not the holster I had ordered, but the FlashBang. I thought about it for a day and then decided I just HAD to play with it. I got it out, hooked it up to my bra and put my gun in it. If I stood still and didn't move, you could not see the gun (I am small chested and knew this would be a problem) But if I walked around, it slipped just enough to be visible. I was disappointed as I would probably have just kept the FlashBang (they were the same price and the FlashBang was already here, lol).
   Hubby was intrigued and wanted to see how fast I could pull my gun. Before he knew it, he was looking down the barrel of my Bodyguard. I promise it was unloaded, no magazine and on safety. He was impressed and told me to try it again. I reholstered the gun and stood there for a second or two. I again pulled and aimed without him even seeing me move. I LOVED how fast I could pull that gun! The bad guys would NEVER see it coming! There is no way to shoot yourself while drawing, the trigger is completely covered until the gun is clear of your body. It would honestly (almost) be worth getting implants just to be able to use that holster.
   After a few times, Hubby was just a little bit scared by my ability to draw so quickly. He asked me to stop. I had to draw once or twice more just to freak him out. I am sadistic like that.
   Honestly ladies, if you get a chance to play with a FlashBang....TAKE IT!


  1. While not sold on the idea they sure came up with a great title.

  2. Ryan, I was not at all sold on the idea either until I got a chance to play around with it. Not that you would have that option, unless you have a bra hidden somewhere in your closet that we don't know about. All kidding aside though, I was very impressed.


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