Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cubscouts have super powers

They can turn a minor headache into a migraine in less than 10 seconds. They can transform a nice clean, quiet tranquil place into a cage fighting ring complete with screaming fans and blood. They can take the worse day and turn it right around with just one story about something their parents would not want them talking about. Their pockets are bottomless. They can store a yo-yo, a pocketknife, five cookies and untold numbers of Pokemon cards. They can camouflage into any environment simply by being still for a moment. You completely lose track of them if they aren't constantly on the move. They are their own energy source. They can also feed off the energy of another if needed. They run on cookies alone. They multiply; five scouts quickly turn into 20. I swear they materialize out of the walls. They have super speed and sonic voices. They can be dirty just by willing it. Mine are dirty before even completing their shower. Like all supers, they do have their weaknesses They are captivated by candy. It's like they have no choice. If you ask them to do something while holding something sweet in your hand, they are compelled to do it. Quickly. They bleed. Sometimes a lot. They on occasion move so quickly they blur and run into each other. Or walls. In the case of my son; dumpsters. But in all honesty, I really love my cubs. They are so sweet and willing to learn. They love being together and growing; mind, body and spirit. They love to help, especially if you can make them feel important by giving them a job. They can be so rowdy and then immediately reverent and attentive when they catch sight of the American flag. They are so respectful while handling it. You will always hear whispers of "Don't drop it, don't let it touch the ground. EVER" while learning how to fold it. I especially love to see them come into the program for their first den meeting. Most of them march right up to their new leader, salute and recite the cub scout oath and law. They take such pride in being part of a team, a troop, a den. They know they belong an they make sure to look the part. Shirt tucked in, neckerchief folded just so, badges neatly sewn in just the right places. Yup, cubscouts have super powers. They wiggle right into your heart and stay forever.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

For LindaG

THIS is how I take my vitamin C!
I have now had four of my ten treatments and am still feeling crappy. I wish my body would hurry up and dump all the crap that I am detoxing already. I am tired of feeling sore and run down.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Homemade Ice Packs from Maggie!!

Maggie is still without a comp so Gracie or I will probably have posts from her on a more regular basis now as she has rejoined the homemaking mommy pack!! Enjoy!

Between BD working a physical job and the two raucous boys, we get a
 lot of bumps and bruises around our place. Below is the world's easiest re-useable and non-toxic ice pack.

I cannot really claim the credit for this, as I got this advice second hand from a nurse at Madigan Army Medical Center who explained it to a friend who was having a procedure done.

We generally had one of those mysterious blue packs hanging out around. But they are so cold, the littlest one won't use them, and they don't bend well around fingers or toes. Not to mention, the littlest one enjoys trying to gnaw things open, and who knows what's in that stuff!

To make the ice pack, all I used was two ziploc bags (quart size) and 1 bottle of corn syrup. I poured the syrup in the first bag, being sure to squeeze out as much air as possible. I then folded over the 'zip' portion, and fit it inside the second bag, again squeezing out as much air as possible. And, viola!

The end result doesn't freeze, as remains pliable enough to work around fingers, toes, ankles and noses.



Saturday, November 3, 2012

More questions!

I guess I should do my update. I am a bad blogger. Gracie is right. Plague feels like the right word. I have taken to describing myself as a medical conundrum. Really. It seems like the longer down a treatment path I go the more questions come up. I haven't been getting better in general. Pain, fatigue, brain fog. I see a pain clinic every month. This clinic is a bit frustrating because 1-they never told me they were not a preferred provider so I got a massive bill. 2- I never see the same doc. Ever. Each month is whomever is on office duty.

So I have had some weirdness and decided to track it. Over the last 2 years I have lost 60 lbs for no reason. No added exercise and no huge diet change. So I asked the clinic for my last few vital stats. A problem was then discovered. My heart rate is never below 110. I didn't notice really. Wanted the stats more for the weight.
Well due to the lack of care I decided to switch doctors. I met with hubby's doc to interview him. He was the one to see the heart issue. He checked it then and it was 117. He said I needed a cardiologist appointment asap. That my heart explained why I am so exhausted. Could explain the pain too. The cold hands and feet.Pretty much all of my issues could be because my heart it going nuts.

So now we have full GI workup because of the Celiac's worry and full cardiology work in the works and I feel so awful I am lucky to go from couch to bed to car. Just shopping is awful. Mopping is torture. My house is a mess. So for Christmas all I want is a maid service to completely clean my house top to bottom. And some freaking answers. Of course I'll settle for the answers.

Friday, November 2, 2012


Well, not quite. Lila and I have both been quite sick with some pretty serious things though. I will write a post on mine as soon as I get all my info mailed to me. Just know that I am going to be hit and miss for a while with the blog posts as I am traveling out of state for some treatments. That's all for today, I just wanted to pop in and let you all know we are still alive.