Friday, July 6, 2012

Hunting.... I mean shopping for my birthday present a little early.

My birthday is next month. I am hitting the big 30. Most of my peers seem to lament this one but honestly I am excited. Part of it might be the hope that my father may actually begin to see me as an adult if I am 30. Part of it could be that I might finally seem old enough to have a 10-yr-old by the other parents and thus be treated like an equal. I don't know. I just feel good about this one.

Moving on..... I made a couple of pretty awesome recent discoveries. 1- is a local!!! So excited. I love what she does and all her beautiful things and learning that she is a local makes my gun chick fan girl heart go pitter pat. Yeah I might be a little creepy like that I know. 2- While really digging around on her site I discovered that there is a women's shooting group at one of the big ranges. It isn't super close by but I don't mind the drive.

So with that discovery I chose my birthday present. I want real range gear. I good range bag, eye and ear protection. The works to kit me out for some shooting fun without the guys. I want to really get out and actually make some friends and grow as a shooter. My surgery is over now it is time to really get to work!! So what are your ideas? Good place to buy a bag and gear. I also want a couple more mags for my HK. I really want to buy from readers or from small businesses rather than the big places so am happy to order off of a site. The best way to support each other is to spread the word and buy from each other when possible right?


  1. Happy Birthday!!

    FYI, I wouldn't be 30 again on a bet. 40, you bet...that was the best decade of my life.

    John Bernard Books

  2. Lila - i looooved my 20's - they rocked. but my 30's were even more awesome. and now...are you ready for the kicker??? you get 10 full years of being in the awesome 30's and then you hit the 40's. and my darlin - only the awesome 30's can prepare you for the absolutely amazing 40's!!!!

    and although i can only recommend local Canadian businesses - which won't be local for you - i strongly support your buying your new gear from a reader or a small, local business!

    Happy Birthday gurl...even if i am a little early!

    your friend,


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