Friday, April 26, 2013

Meet Max

Max is our new bunny. He is a year old and really needs some girlfriends. He bites. He chews. He is frustrated. Honestly though, he is a good pet for the boys. He only bites now when he is tired of being held. He loves to be petted and we are working on teaching him some tricks. We plan on getting him some girlfriends and raising some bunnies. We just need a good hutch for them first. Right now Max spends his days outside eating clover in the back yard in a small dog excercise pen and his nights in a crate in the house. He has never been an outdoor bunny and is really enjoying the freedom to run and kick and dig and act like a wild bunny. He has a strict hands off policy when he is in that mood. Just try and catch him. He thinks he's feral. Until it starts to storm or it gets dark. Then he reverts back into a pampered housepet. Goofy animal.


  1. You could litter train him. Male bunnies tend to do really well with litter training, while female bunnies tend to not be as careful. :)

    1. He was actually litter box trained when I got him and you are right, he is very neat and tidy with his box. He marks it every time he gets in it too. Just like he is making sure that everyone knows it's his. He's funny.


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