Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mission impossible

Because I have gained some sort of reputation as a person who can deal with any kind of animal problem no matter what it is, I ended up with this little guy in my kitchen today. He weighes 22 grams and is slightly bigger than my thumb. He's blind, he's bald and he JUMPS! If he survives long enough to open his eyes we will name him. Until then we are just calling him Mission Impossible. Wish me luck with this little guy. Even though I am trying very hard to distance myself, he is tugging at the heart strings.


  1. If he lives you can name him Briggs, Phelps or Hunt depending o which IMF leader you liked the most :)

  2. Butch (my 14 year old) already decided on Briggs. Great minds think alike I guess :D


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