Sunday, January 25, 2015

Rural vrs Urban gun woes in Washington State

I have beautiful acreage. My kids love exploring, even in the snow. My husband is so content, down to his soul. Which is a beautiful change after years of working in a job full of danger and stress and frustration. Years of holding the lives of his friends in his hands and seeing problems no one would solve took a huge toll. So this move was for more than just getting the land we wanted. It was to give him a chance to breathe, to rest, to have some peace.

He has found all of that here. And our girls are thriving. Our teen has blossomed out of her shell into a confident geek. Our little kinder is a huge hearted ball of fire and loving school.

On to me. I love our home, our town. I love looking out at the trees and enjoying the quiet. I've found great doctors so far. The smaller house means more time to write. I found my local RWA chapter so I can connect with other writers. I found a gun club and woman's shooting group.

One interesting tthough. I594. We hadn't closed by election day so I wasn't a Washingtonian yet. The breakdown was interesting. Almost every rural county voted it down and the urban passed it. I think the rurals saw some of the coming problems. And problems are showing themselves as the vague language truly hits home. Road crews, police, large construction sites are impacted because flare guns and certain nail guns fall under the law requiring a background check to transfer. Leagues, ranges, classes are impacted because of the transfer wording.

I think it could get very interesting in this state. Some LEO have said they will not enforce this. We will see I guess.

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