Monday, February 1, 2010

Tax season!

It is that time of year. The time when every adult in the US feels anxious and excited all at once. Do you get a return? Do you owe money? When do you get your refund? The list of questions floating around in our brains can go on forever. I do our taxes myself with the use of H&R Block at Home (Formerly Tax Cut). Soooo easy. I was worried this year because we bought the house so there was a lot more to go in to. I had to discuss moving expenses and interest paid and points paid and blah blah blah. Our forms were much more detailed this year that's for sure. Still was pretty easy. I recommend the software to anyone who wants to do it themselves.

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  1. Luckly my father in law is a CPA. Trying to convince Wifeys little brother to become one also to secure my free best return possible (last year he worked us a grand worth of nitche return stuff) going for the future.


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