Monday, March 8, 2010

Update on the girls!

After multiple days of the girls going from one illness to another I took them both to see our pediatrician this morning. I love this woman. I was worried that after the amazing Dr. the girls had in the PNW we would get stuck with a cruddy one here but that is not the case. She looked at both girls. Bug has pink eye. She gets eye drops 3 times a day and benadryl to help with the itchy eyes part. Squeak has pink eye, an ear infection, and a sinus infection. She gets eye drops twice a day, antibiotics twice a day, and a decongestant type med every 6 hours as needed. Poor baby. Both girls are closer to their usual happy selves and I am better able to deal with them since Hubs let me have yesterday to rest and recover while he helped with the girls. Add that after tilting Squeak's crib mattress and fixing her humidifier meant better sleep for me last night and a happy mom doth make. Bug gets to stay home one more day for the eye junk and then things will get a bit more back to normal.

On an annoying note the Dr. said that Squeak's ear infection looks pretty bad and she has probably had it well over a week so the ER should have caught it but of course they didn't. When I said that they did not check her ears, eyes, nose, or throat I thought the Dr. was going to go murder someone. I don't regret going but I do realize now that I need to insist on certain things here if we are seen outside of our PCP's offices.

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  1. I have gastrointestinal reflux disease, that "throw up a little bit in your mouth" thing.

    This is related to heartburn. The valve at the top of the stomach fails to keep everything in the stomach, once it gets there. The throat is not supposed to be exposed to the acids in the stomach, so if any spashes up, eventually it wears through the throat lining - and you get acid burns in the throat. We call it "heartburn".

    Reflux, the stuff in the stomach splashing back up into the throat, is supposed to be the *primary* cause of sinus infection. When there is enough reflux, it runs all the way up to the sinuses and causes acid burns in the sinuses, and in the throat.

    When the sinus attack by stomach acid happens at night, you might not be aware of it - at first - you might only know that sinus infection happens, or recurs, out of nowhere, apparently.

    Reflux is supposed to be the most common cause of chronic sinus pain, chronic sinusitis and chronic sinus infection.

    Reflux, being acid, will also wash the enamel off teeth with repeated episodes, especially back teeth. Often, if you ask the dentist, she/he can confirm GERD/reflux type tooth damage - and corresponding heightened occurrence of decay.

    A Chiropractor with focus on applied kinesiology showed me how to do a "soft tissue" adjustment of the hiatal hernia which is the cause of reflux disease. This is temporary, but compares favorably with the lifelong side effects of traditional medicine's approach of surgery. There are certain foods that aggravate the problem - alcohol, caffeine including chocolate, and onions come to mind, they cause the valve at the base of the throat to relax, letting the reflux past more easily.

    Good posture and good abdominal muscle tone can help reduce the problem.

    I don't know if the sinus thing is chronic for Squeak, I know from Mom's anecdotes that I have had reflux since I was a baby - and whole bottles-full would come back up on her.

    Another Chiropractor recommended saline nasal mist (non-medicated) for nose bleeds (in dry Phoenix). When I mentioned this to my family doctor, he said, "Sure. Twice in each side, once an hour, and blow. It will help with allergies, and cure up to a sinus infection without antibiotics."

    I mention this as something to keep in mind if sinus problems get to be pretty regular, or sore throats in the morning become worrisome. My family doctors, growing up, claimed it was allergies and I never got a real answer until diagnosed at age 38 with advanced (heavy throat damage) reflux disease. And lots of rotten teeth, chronic sinus infections, and periodic earaches that didn't respond to antibiotics drops in the ear.

    Hope everyone is well, soon!


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