Friday, July 16, 2010

Kidney infections, black labs, and exhaustion.

Oh my!! Sunday afternoon I started feeling weird. Frequent potty breaks and fatigue. Then pain every time I went to the bathroom. Finally by 1 am I was passing clots the size of dimes. Yeah TMI I am sure but this is a tale of woe, I am allowed to over share. So I took myself to the wonderful ER (read the sarcasm.) and left Hubby home to keep an ear out for the girls. I have to say that both times I have gone to this hospital in the dead of night we have been seen quickly. They run some tests. Sure enough I have a kidney infection. The nice Dr. said if I had waited until morning then he would have admitted me and I would have had to quit nursing. Not something I am prepared to do. Luckily that was avoided and I was sent home with some prescriptions. Of course at 2:30 in the morning not every pharmacy is open and I needed a CVS because our health plan doesn't work with Walgreen's. That was an adventure all on it's own. I drove all over thinking I knew where one was and then finally gave in and called directory assistance. They passed me to a CVS that was not open but had a number to find one that was. 4 calls later and I have one tracked down. Bleck. I came home and except for waking to nurse I slept over 24 hours. My amazing guy stayed home from work to take care of our angels. Feeling much better now.

Recovery was punctuated by issues. We have a sweet black lab named Jasper. Yes after the vampire. Jasper likes to eat things and as he is still young at 5 months it is hard to keep him from doing it. He ate the safety net of the trampoline and the plugged in cord of an air purifier. He finally responds to "No Jasper" and will drop what he has. Unless it is my eldest saying the words because he would rather play with her and usually they end up in a game of tackle the dog. Jasper is an indoor dog. It is much to hot in the desert for a black lab to be anything else really. He is house trained finally but he will pee everywhere if he thinks my husband is mad at him. He is amazing with the girls. Our little one is 18 months now and she can be laying on him, one hand pulling his tail while the other holds his ear still for her to bite him and he lays there and takes it. He loves to cuddle and chase a squeaky toy. I am pretty proud of him despite the fact that he made recovery a bit harder.

Now I am just exhausted. The baby isn't napping well so i can't get anything done. I am not sleeping well. I still feel all sorts of achy. Remember people to drink cranberry juice. It is a wonderful preventative for infections like this.

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