Thursday, July 22, 2010

The new hen house

The coop is complete! It has six nest boxes that I can access from the outside, a roost near the roof for safe sleeping and a slatted floor for easy cleaning. We plan on putting skirting around the bottom in the winter to help keep them warm. In all it cost around $600 to build. I was hoping we could do it cheaper but even a building this small is expensive to build. We figure it will take about two years of 5 eggs a day to pay for the coop. Wondering if it was really worth it?


  1. Too cute! How many chickens does it accommodate?

  2. Right now it accomodates our 5 hens and one neurotic rooster. Eventually we would like to get a dozen or so. From what I have read it could hold up to 36, but that seems like a lot for such a small coop.

  3. Eggs where I live are about $1 per dozen, which would put your time to recoup (I couldn't resist) your investment at 600*12/5, or just under 4 years, not including the costs of feeding the hens. Still it looks sturdy enough to last longer than that :)


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