Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Expanding Our Hearth!

I have been a horrible poster. (We all have but the girls will have to beg for your forgiveness themselves, there is a reason Bitch is in our title, LOL!) In December our household grew by 3. My Hubby's brother and his children (Ages 16 and 12) moved in after he was laid off from his metal working job. My nephew is diabetic so the choice was rent or insulin. Obvious choice. It has been interesting. The house is full to bursting. My girls are loving it. My niece is the older kid and Monkey thinks the sun rises and sets with her. BIL (Brother-in-law) is a great cook so I get to share that now. It has been good for all of us. My FMS is slowly getting figured out but on the really bad days I actually have backup babysitters, lol. Both kids are happy to earn the spending money. In fact I had to get after my nephew because he has been rushing to grab Monkey when she wakes up in the morning before I even have a chance to wake up. It is super sweet but weird too to be pampered. So now I rarely do dishes because my niece washes and my nephew puts them away. Bug picks up the living room. A lot gets done these days with so many hands.

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