Thursday, September 6, 2012

surprising twist.

   The boy that was hit by the pick up truck yesterday is ok! The reason life flight left without transporting anyone is because there were NO INJURIES!! 
   After seeing the scene I saw yesterday, I am in awe that no one died. I am soooo relieved he was not seriously hurt. 
   Hopefully it will cause that boy to be much more careful in the future and the driver to slow down and be much more cautious.
   My boys were much better behaved at the bus stop this morning and even though we were the last ones there, I also noticed that all of the other kids were lined up nicely behind the boundry we had given them.


  1. Thank God! I went to bed a little weepy, and praying. Your own anguish was pretty clear!

    Great news!

  2. All I can think, that kid has some serious guardian angels!!!

  3. He was very lucky, I see kids on their bikes darting out into the street around here without ever looking. I'm amazed it doesn't happen more often. Kids will be kids, so as adults we need to be extra vigilent driving.


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