Saturday, February 2, 2013

My health

I have had a hard time writing this post. I have started to write it a dozen times since October, but always just felt the need to delete it. And it's not like it was a dramatic big deal or anything. I just felt the need to keep it to myself. After being diagnosed with fibro, adrenal fatigue, hypoglycemia and a few other things, I really struggled with coping with it. I had more bad days than good and my blood pressure was always so low I felt like I would pass out. Then I found a cool clinic that treats illness in a different way. They poked my finger with a needle and put it under a microscope. Those are my red blood cells. they aren't supposed to look like that. They are all hollow and dead. Why, you ask? If you look close, you can see some little green dots in some of them. Those are parasites. They have eaten and killed nearly every red blood cell in my body. They were not able to find a single healthy one in the entire sample. The little pests were eating me alive. This could have been fatal if not caught. I was taken into the next room where I got a mega dose of vitamins through an IV. Now I go as often as I can and am feeling so much better. I have not had a single low blood sugar since mid November. I have also not had a low blood pressure reading until my friend got sick. My fibro is practically non existent and I have more energy than I have since I was in my early teens. I have two more treatments to go and then they will poke my finger again to see how much I have progressed. I am very optimistic about this though, I can't imagine I have not made a lot of progress with as good as I feel. I am sure I will need a few more treatments, but I can't believe how much better I feel after only three months.


  1. That is amazing and fascinating! Have they identified the parasite? And what vitamins? "Weak" RBCs makes sense to me; when I have an episode, my muscles always feel like I've sprinted a mile and they aren't getting enough oxygen.

  2. Vitamins and nutrition can make all the difference in the world.
    I hope you continue to improve.
    What a blessing!


  3. I hope you are feeling better soon !
    There is lots of hope and lots of possibilities. I ran into a friend I had six years ago who really had disappeared. This year, doctors found the solution to her health problems and she is better than I have ever seen her. I probably ruined it by telling her that my 12 year old has died since I last saw her, but she did ask me how everyone at my house was doing. In short, my point is that there is potential for complete recovery ! Get well soon.

  4. Thank God you found this new clinic.
    God bless! ♥

  5. Suz, They didn't really worry about what the parasites they are, they just worried about killing them. The vitamins change from treatment to treatment. Usually mega doses of B's and vit C. I had a bag of magnesium last time and sometimes have a hydrogen peroxide treatment.

    Red,me too! Thanks!

    Jane,glad to hear about your friend. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your child. I cannot imagine how that must feel. That is my worse nightmare.

    LindaG, Thanks!


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