Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Unplugging the boys.

I was so sick and tired of trying to get the boys to do ANYTHING besides play video games. We have had these rules for a long time, but I had kind of let them slide. It was getting to the point where they would just come home from school, throw their coats and back packs on the floor and pick up a controller. They would eat in front of it, fight over it and throw huge tantrums when it was time to turn it off for the night. Enough is enough. Mom is feeling well enough to lay down the law again. Two of the children have already "earned" extra chores due to rule number three. THAT rule is by far my favorite. I can just see a sparkling clean house within a weeks time!


  1. My son was the same - if it wasn't the computer, it was the Kindle or his Ninetendo. Finally, we had enough - and put him on a strict "You have to earn video game time" restriction. Doing chores ( dishes, taking out trash, etc ) to help the family = time. Room clean = time. Good results on tests at school = time. Playing outside = time. He's finally gotten to understand how to balance free time with chore time - and we are almost past the "you need to earn time!" nagging. He does it automatically. Good luck! Weaning the kids off is hard work. They want to be plugged in and will try to at all costs.

  2. I became a really good friend of the breaker box which is in a room in the basement that the younger boys didn't even know about ! Yes, I am bad enough to disable just their rooms.


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