Thursday, August 15, 2013


   Spike blacked out twice yesterday morning. We spent three hours in the ER with low blood pressure and low blood sugars. He had his first ever blood draw and took it like a champ. He had an EKG that came back abnormal.
   Today I took him into his doctor who ordered more labs and referred us to a pediatric cardiologist. The lab tech wasn't paying attention to what she was doing and let the needle slip out of his arm. Then she tried to put it back in the same vein and blew the vein. She dug around in his arm for a while before giving up. He was in a lot of pain and terrified. He didn't move a muscle while she dug around in his arm with that needle. But now he has to go back tomorrow and I don't know how well he will take that.
   I am the kind of person who does very well in a crises and breaks down afterward. Right now I am pretty freaked out.


  1. oh Gracie - we've got you and Spike in our prayers. i know it is easy to say don't be scared...but try not to be too scared. i have had lab techs do that kind of stupid needle stuff and it just plain sucks. i hope that Spike will be ok tomorrow. please, please, please hold yourself together. and know that we have you and Spike in our thoughts and prayers. please be sure to come back and update us after tomorrow. ugh. now i am worried, too.

    your friend,
    (not sure how to hold someone's hand over the internet but i'm trying)

  2. I'm really sorry to hear that. But it sounds to me as if you are being a very good parent. Keep your courage up.

  3. Do not allow any lab tech to be careless. There is no excuse for having to dig around in an arm for a vein. Call the supervisor if you have to. Raise your voice. Insist on a butterfly needle. Remember you are the boss. Being terrified of a lab tech drawing blood is not an option, IMHO. I am sorry you and Spike have to go thru are in my prayers, also.

  4. My daughter has tiny veins, and we have found that drinking 10 to 12 ounces of water on the way into the office plumps them up so the tech can actually find (and hit) one.

  5. This is indeed scary stuff, but I am so glad that Spike will see a pediatric cardiologist. There are many reasons for an abnormal EKG. Some are cardiac but others are metabolic, so this could resolve quickly and very positively.
    As a mom who has been through a number of serious illnesses with kids, I can relate all too well. I know you are doing all the right things. Please know that you (and Spike) are in our prayers.

  6. Thanks everyone, it means a lot.


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