Saturday, February 1, 2014

I'm not perfect.

I am far from it. I hate the phone so rarely call people. I don't leave my house often. I procrastinate.  I avoid confrontation by avoiding people who I feel strife with. I am over sensitive.  I don't seperate my laundry. I hate eating new things. I am overly critical of myself. I am stubborn. I probably am too honest with my girls.

I know these things. I try to work on them.

My view of family has always been that we love, accept, forgive. That we try to keep mean words out of it and if we slip we apologize. For the most part my life is full of this. Full of love and laughter. Full of compassion and understanding,  generosity and pride. I have family that love me, even when I'm the oddball. I'm considered the weapons crazy paranoid hermit. And I'm loved anyway. I have great girlfriends. We can have different views on big issues and still love.

If I make a mistake with them I try to fix it and vice versa.  If I feel like things are off it haunts me. But I tend to not say anything out of worry.

To me family tries. It is about making mistakes and then doing better.  Maybe I have it wrong though.


  1. You most definitely are not wrong. Family is all of those things, and on our worst day, I wouldn't trade my family for anything in the world!

  2. That's wonderful. I've been lucky. I married the older brother of one of my best friends. His family has always been amazing to me and I get nothing but love from them. I was adopted by a terrific mom. I have friends who are more like sisters. my life is very blessed.

    Yes it sucks that the 2 closest blood relatives I have treat me as if every decision is wrong and as if everything I do is to manipulate or hurt but that is only their view. Not one other person in my life sees what they see. So I will be the best mom I can be, the best wife. And hope that one day they discover peace and happiness.


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