Tuesday, February 18, 2014

No-poo or as I prefer to call it "Chem-free hair"

This is day 1 of my new chemical free natural hair care journey. Most call it "No-poo" but poo sounds too much like poop to me and poop related to my hair is just ick.

Okay to start from the beginning. I liked this idea for 2 reasons. First I have always been chemical sensitive but as my fibro has progressed it has become worse. My skin hurts and burns from deodorant. My body itches from regular soap. And my scalp is an itchy mess. My second reason is the practical side from a prepper angle. If SHTF I hope to still have fabulous hair.

This pick is 2 days in. On day 1 I did a clarifying shampoo for my final chemical wash. It is supposed to shorten the transition time. I finished it off with my new form of conditioner. A spray bottle filled with water, a 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar, and 10 drops of peppermint oil.

The second day the real fun began. I used a pointed tip bottle with a cup of water and 1 1/2 teasp of baking soda to scrub my hair. Just squirted the mixture against my scalp and scrubbed. Rinsed. Then sprayed my hair and let sit a bit and rinsed.

My mixtures might change as I try to find the right balance but thems the basics. I plan to blog every week at least to keep track of the progress. Hopefully it makes my scalp better. Others have reported that their hair has thickened, strengthened and the color became more rich. I'm excited to see what happens.


  1. I use no poo shampoo every week, I also use Dr Bronners soaps which are made with Organic Oils! No detergents. 100% Vegan http://www.drbronner.com/ You can get his soaps at most Target Stores.

  2. Kim - i am glad that you are going chemical free! i have for years now and my hair is almost down to my bum. because i am retired and only usually leave the Manor at the most, once a week - i only wash my hair once a week. when i wash my hair, i use about 2tblspoons of soda to one cup of warm water. i only wash my crown and not the length of my hair. then i rinse and let the soda solution rinse from my crown down to the length of my hair. next, i have a tall jar of apple cider vinegar and i put the length of my hair in it right up to the back of my neck. then i lower the jar and flip the length of my hair up on my scalp to get apple cider vinegar on the scalp too. be careful with this - you WILL get vinegar in your eyes. trust me. it happens every.single.time. but only burns for a minute. then you rinse your eyes. i leave the cider vinegar in my hair while i continue showering - so about 4-5 minutes. then i rinse it. i have been doing this for years and it works!!!

    if you are planning on keeping on growing your hair, i have one piece of advice. get yourself a mason pearson extra large brush. and rake comb. they are expensive but they will last for the rest of your life and they are amazing utensils for long hair. they stimulate the scalp and stimulate new hair growth.

    if your hair is not chemically-coloured, i would also advise that you get some dried or fresh chammomile flowers and soak them in a jar of apple cider vinegar and give yourself a monthly rinse with it, leave it on with a towel on your head for about 30 mins. it will really bring out the highlights in your hair (which are gorgeous btw).

    lastly - use apple cider vinegar on your face as an astringent, on your elbows and knees for smoothing, soak your feet in one cup of acv to 4 cups of water, use acv on a qtip for your ears - you can pretty much use acv for just about anything!

    i hope that you find these tips helpful! your friend,

  3. I've been curious. As it is, I only shampoo it once a week and condition the crap out of it. Curls and what-not. Haven't taken the plunge on the chem-free though.

  4. That's my natural color. :) I am wishy washy on letting it grow. I would love it long but I am so self concious. I feel like it makes my face look awful. Most of my growing years I was told I was too heavy by my dad and other fam. So even though I am more confident I'm oversensitive.

    Do you dilute the acv when you dip your hair or is it straight? I probably need a bit more baking soda in the scrub part. I was told you want the water to feel kind of slimy. I just did my scalp and let it rinse through.

    I do need a good brush and comb as my hair now is fine but a lot of it. If this increases thickness and growth my hair will be abundant. :)

    Thanks for all the info.

  5. Kim - i think your hair looks beautiful at the length it is. but if you would like to grow it longer - you really should! but i do understand the oversensitivity.

    i don't dilute the acv at all. for the first few weeks use a little more baking soda and get that nice slimy feeling. once you have done it for a few weeks then you can back off and use as little as feels "clean" - you'll know the feeling.

    i spent years buying and using cheap brushes and i wish i had have learned about mason pearson brushes sooner. i got this one a few years ago and it is a godsend. it really does affect the thickness of the hair!

  6. I do the same (b. soda & acv) in the summer, but in winter I have to use the heavier chem stuff. Otherwise just walking across the room I get so much static I look like a dandelion puff.

    I use 16 oz. water bottles and put it in there- so all I have to do is shake it up and pour on my head. 1 is baking soda solution and another is acv diluted. It goes pretty quick. It seems to be pretty effective, and yet mild.

    Although my normally really pretty straight hair in summer.. develops a life of it's own. (i would have killed for these curls 20 years ago.) With my hair being so fine, I'm rocking an irish fro on humid days.

    If either of you 2 know of a more natural mane tamer... please let me know!


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