Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama's speech to the children

What do you think? Did your kids watch it? My kids watched it. I wasn't too worried about them being brainwashed in a mere 30 minutes. My kids don't listen to anything anyone has to say anyway! I read some of the speech online and didn't see anything out of line. The basic message was "Stay in school, get good grades and make your dreams come true" Hrmmm, yeah that one is really frightning, isn't it? I talk to my kids about doing well in school on a daily basis. I asked my boys when they got home if they had watched it. Butch and Spike say they didn't see it. Bruiser watched it but couldn't remember what it was about. See, no worries, they pay just as much atttention to a boring presidential speech as we always did when we were kids. No big deal, no brainwashing, nothing out of line at all. I guess I just don't see what all the hubbub was all about.


  1. I wonder if this will be a non-event with the teachers unions and school district budget discussions.

    And don't forget the accompanying "lesson" materials about "How I can help President Obama achieve his goals".

    And I wonder what the first draft of the speech, before the self-aggrandizing concerns were aired, meant to say?

  2. "Did your kids watch it?"

    My kids are homeschooled. What do you think?


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