Friday, December 11, 2009

Eating Pantry Staples

My goal this last month of so, has been to eat as much as I can out of my pantry and food storage. I've been stockpiling things on a regular basis, but I've also been forgetting to rotate anything out. One solution for this (although not the best solution granted) is to stop buying groceries for awhile.

Obviously, I have to buy some things, like fresh veggies and dairy here and there, and meat at least once a week. But so far I've been able to pull some decent meals together without having to seriously put myself out on a limb.

Since I'm only feeding 1.5 people, a little can stretch a long way. A pan of cornmeal can be a side at one meal, and be used for a Tex-Mex style casserole the next. We can eat a pound of spaghetti for 3 days straight. And instead of worrying about having to buy expensive fresh red meat every few days, I can supplement it easily with frozen Jimmy Dean Sausage and my leftover Venison from last hunting season.

I'll try to keep you as updated, although I've been pretty bad about keeping up with the blog! Sorry about that!

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  1. Food storage rotation and use is a big topic. As Hermit who has been doing this for well over a decade put it, there is always more to learn.

    One think about staple cooking (which you do a lot) is that it tends to use mostly the same stuff. As Wifeys cooking has taught me so much great stuff can be made from the same half dozen ingredients and a good spice rack.

    Since Wifey cooks real food it is difficult to impossible to make a perfect serving for two. We mitigate this by eating leftovers for lunch almost exclusively and also as an occasional dinner.

    The smart folks say to store what you eat and eat what you store. That is great to say but really internalizing it is difficult. Anyway glad to hear it is going reasonably well.


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