Saturday, December 19, 2009

Women's birthing rights!

I am all about a woman's right to choose. When and how and if are human rights and a woman is a human being last time I checked. I saw this story on CNN and felt a bit surprised that still hospitals are refusing to do certain things for "safety". Yes a VBAC can up the chance of complications but if your doc is skilled and you want to at least try for one then they hospital should support that. I choose a c-section with Squeak because my birth experience with Bug still affects me and I was so glad I had the choice. Every woman should have a choice

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  1. Hmm, I think the issue is not at all about human rights and all about liability. Hospitals have to be ultra cautious, especially when it comes to labor and delivery. What if they are 'nice' and allow her to try and give birth in the way she wants that goes against common medical practices and something bad happens? Will she say "I made a poor choice and this is my fault"? Oh heck no. That same woman who wanted her 'human rights' will sue. She will be up on the stand saying "they are professionals and should have protected my baby" between fits of sobbing tears. She will then be awarded millions of dollars for their "negligent practices".

    Last I checked women can try to give birth while jumping on a trampoline and juggling chainsaws if they want. That being said no hospital whose administrators have half a brain would let a woman do that.

    She had the right to choose. She could have delivered the way they were willing to do it at that hospital. She could (as she did) go to another hospital. She could go lay on the ground in the woods and try to give birth alone. Or she could get a trampoline and some chainsaws.


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