Saturday, April 10, 2010


Found this article. I am speechless. Really. Very rare thing, that.


  1. I once cared for a boy in foster care, that his mother had the police come to collect him.

    At age 8, he was confined in behavioral ward - for throwing tantrums. Mom refused to sign for custody. So Foster Care got him.

    He had issues, from food to whatever, and especially women authority figures. I was a single man and we mostly got along pretty good. He "tore the kitchen apart" at the next home, when the lady of the house supposedly offered the wrong vitamins.

    I was a temporary stop for the boy, and I imagine we would have had more encounters of the memorable kind if he had stayed with me longer.

    But, yes, age 5-6-8 - these are ages that it is entirely possible for a youngster to be "uncontrollable" - unless you have experience with, say, livestock, or military bootcamp. It takes a lot of support and counseling to keep your wits when everything is awry. Else, why would anyone need to divorce? Or be sent to prison? We have restraining orders, and "Most Wanted" posters (and TV shows). We see the statistics on "domestic violence" - where do you think that comes from?

    Setting the kid on the plane unattended, 20 years ago, was moderately common. Adults would tag the kid, get him checked in, hand him off to the flight attendant - a suitable adult would meet the plane at the destination, and the flight attendant would hand the kid off there.

    I think she should have worked with the adoption agency first.

  2. I just don't see this Mom as having pursued all options before giving up. I don't doubt that there were issues but I just have such a hard time with this. Especially as more become public, like the fact she gave no indications of trouble to the adoption agency or the fact that she is in the process of adopting again from a different country. Just seems more like a "give my the perfect child please" rather than a mother.


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