Thursday, August 23, 2012

exciting morning

   My neighbor called me this morning to ask if I could help her get a few porcupine quills out of her dogs. She told me that each dog had five to ten quills, not a big deal. She went to pick up her teenage son to help hold the dogs.
   I got some supplies ready when her younger son came running up to the front door. I thought he was coming to tell me that his mom was back, but he was screaming and crying that the dogs had trapped the porcupine under the camp trailer and could I come quick.
   I grabbed my gun and magazine and started loading the mag as I walked down the driveway. As soon as I had the mag loaded, I broke into a run. My neighbor turned down the street just as I sprinted across the street and into her yard. She got there almost the same time I did and immediatly started screaming. We got the big female dog away from the porcupine and locked in the garage. The terrier was not about to let that nasty critter get away from him and just kept attacking.
   We finally drove him away from it by throwing rocks at him. Once he was locked in the garage and away from the danger, we turned our attention to the porcupine. It was completely bald on it's back and tail. It was injured pretty badly and was dragging one back leg. We had to use shovels to get it out from under the trailer. I still couldn't shoot it as it was huddled up to the tires. I ended up using a shovel to scoop him up and toss him away from anything that could be damaged. He was still trying to slap at me with his bald and bleeding tail so I had to have the teenager draw his attention by tossing rocks so I could get a clear shot ( I REALLY didn't want to just shoot it in the back) It worked and I fired a shot that didn't drop him, but was fatal.
   The kids of course all came running out of the house where they had been told to stay. So once I get them all back I went back to check on him and he decided to walk away. The second shot dropped him and it was done.

Now to turn our attention to the dogs. This is the female, she is not nearly as tenatious as her little brother. The pictures get more greusome as you scroll down. If you are squemish at all, stop here.

This is the male that is now at the vet. They had NEVER seen this many quills in one dog.

This is the porcupine. You can't tell from this pic, but he is almost bald.


  1. Given how the dogs look, it's no surprise the porcupine is almost bald.
    Great that you knew what to do.

    Hope the dogs will be okay and everyone has a blessed weekend. ♥

  2. Oh the poor dogs, just defending their pack.

    I do hope they are OK. You were all very brave. You did the right thing by putting the porcopine out of its misery quickly.

  3. You know I hate living in the city. Hubby and I are not made for the rush but every time you post things like this I ache. Such hard things sometimes. Poor pups.

  4. I've been there quite a few times. It is so critical to get all of those out. They are barbed in a sense (not really but it's hard to explain) and will continue to work inward. Man, that sucks. I'm glad he's at the vet after seeing that. I grew up on a ranch and it was usually a pair of pliers and a couple of people holding. Not the best way.

  5. Ah hell. I just caught the cat making out with a skunk. I have had enough of wildlife for one day.

  6. Ahh, poor pup. Good work!

    Sorry about the skunk:(

  7. Holy F. Seriously, can't think of anything else to say.

  8. I feel sorry for the dogs, especially the Westie, but I also have to really feel bad for the porcupine. I have one living in the back yard, eats out of my hand, and is so mellow. If they get startled, their quills are exposed. They do not attack the dogs, the dogs attack them. Their only way to protect themselves are their quills. I have dogs, they originally alerted me to the porcupine, barking at it, but not getting closer then a foot from it. I have to keep an eye on them, but the porcupine is not aggressive at all.


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