Sunday, August 26, 2012

major score

   Hubby and I went to check our hives this evening. Our medium hive, the one we moved back home is really packed with bees and honey. Doing great. Our Nuc in the front yard is also doing very well and will need a new box very soon. The big hive in the canyon....not so much. While not struggling, it is not growing either. It has enough honey stores to get through the winter, but none for harvest.
   On the way home we were discussing where to go from here. How many hives we wanted for next year, where we wanted to get them, ect. We had only been home about a half hour when a beekeeper neighbor called to say he was getting out of the bee business. He wanted to know if I wanted to buy his two established hives and his extractor for $300. We will be picking them up next week :-)


  1. That's some great news and a really good price. Even a small extractor would run you 300 new.

  2. Happy belated birthday (the last few months have been extremely busy with work and my Dad, so my blog reading is sporadic).

    Hope it was a good one. Turning 30 bothered me more than turning 50 did. I like where I am now, I still have energy, can come and go as I please, have my own money and can't get pregnant accidentally.

    Now if I could just have my metabolism back. :-)

  3. Thanks Brigid! It was lovely.


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