Wednesday, December 19, 2012

End of the world and psychos

I drive my boys to the bus stop in the mornings because they can't seem to behave if I am not there and it is COLD the last few days. I can't sit there in my warm truck and look at those freezing kids, so I let them all pile in to stay warm. This morning the conversation turned to the topic of the Connecticut shooting and the Mayan calender end of the world thing. At least half of them are staying home from school on Friday because their parents are afraid that someone will freak out thinking it's the last day on earth and go shoot a bunch of kids at school. They went on to talk about the conversations they had had with their teachers about what would be done to keep them safe. It was all I could do not to cry. These are young kids, they should be thinking about their upcoming Christmas parties, not worrying that some psycho will come to school and try to kill them. I wish they could still be oblivious to all of this. I am really torn, I don't know if I should send them or not. I don't think anything like that would happen, but I am sure the parents of the kids killed last Friday didn't think anything would happen either. My kids all have Christmas parties that day, plus my youngest is trying for 100% attendance again this year. I guess I could go to school with them, but who's class do I go to? Plus I have a middle schooler who will be miles away from the elementary school. I am seriously considering keeping them home just for my own peace of mind. Thoughts?


  1. As a parent you need to do what YOU feel is the best. Sometimes the only thing we have is gut instinct.

    If you are torn flip a coin if you aren't overly concerned. If you are concerned at all, I would go with caution. Let them stay home and ride the dog.

  2. Why not leave it up to your kids as to if they want to go on Friday or not?

  3. Keep your kids home, and invite the other kids over for a home made Christmas party. I'm sure the other parents will appreciate knowing their kids are safe too. I love that you let the other kids warm up in your truck!

  4. My situation is easier because kiddo is still at home. I will do the work stuff I've got to do then come home. Certainly avoiding Walmart, restaurants, etc generally avoiding being out and about.

  5. Go with your Gut Instinct, My Parents used to make me play Hookie all the time for that, Now that didn't mean we were out running free on the roads either....we had plenty of chores to get done. Me Keeping my two home with the wife while I go to work....Not worth the off chance of any dingbat trying something over "ITS THE END OF THE WORD" crap.
    Semper Gumbi

  6. The Mayan end of the world has been disproved with the discovery of a complete calendar at another location.

    However, that does not answer your question.

    Are any of their friends staying home? Perhaps you could get their families together and have your own little Christmas party at home.
    That way you could all have peace of mind together.

    I don't know what I would do, but the schools my kids used to go to had Resource/police officers in them.

    *hugs* ♥ May God give you an answer and comfort you all. ♥

  7. goodbye world~

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  8. You are not alone in your thoughts. Our school was rumored to have planned violence on Friday, which I learned from a frantic text from my child in the middle of the school day. I truly mourn for the loss of innocence of our youth and the lack of a "normal" childhood as many of the older adults were lucky enough to have growing up. I am letting my son (14 year old) stay home, but my daughter is adamant about going as she is a senior and has too much to finish up before the holiday break. Best wishes and just make sure to never let them leave the house angry or without a kiss and "I love you" before they head out the door.


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