Monday, December 31, 2012

We had our own nutso people here!

After the Newtown shooting locally the schools were a mess. We are the fifth largest district in the country and by the end of the day Monday rumors were running wild about a shooting happening here. Some blamed the whole "Apocolypse" fun but most credited the Connecticut shooting.

I kept Bug home on Tuesday to get a sense of what was being done by the district about these issues. Here we have a police force dedicated just to the schools that works separate from the cities police departments. They and the multiple city departments released statements of increased security at the high schools and a reassurance that the rumor initiators had been dealt with and that there never had been a threat.

My sweet girl wants to be federal LEO one day, she shoots in her junior league, she has a business plan to pay for college. I have a pretty smart cokkie. Her response was "Mom if they are protecting the High Schools then the Middle and Elementary Schools are now targets. I am not sure I like this"

I had to agree. So she went to school Wednesday to get any work she needed and I kept her home the rest of the week. Sure enough some kid took a rifle onto a campus Friday the 21st. I think he wanted attention. It wasn't loaded though he had ammo in the car. He never took it from the car. He did bring it to campus though and he had no reason to be at that specific school. He was not enrolled, had no sibling there.

He and others like him come from making the shooters the story. That needs to stop. We need to keep the focus on the victims and never mention the shooters name. Just ignore him. That is just a first step to stopping these people from seeking fame by taking out as many people as possible.


  1. Happy New Year, Lila. Hope this year finds you well and happy.

  2. I agree. They need to stop it for every crime of that sort.
    Happy New Year. ♥

  3. Thank you Stephen!! I wish the same for you sir. It seems 2012 was a year to medically kick us in the rear! I think this year we kick back. Deal?

    Linda I swear the media will never change because the dregs of society that feed it crave the sensational to enrich their boring mediocrity. That feels evil to think but honestly I feel like so many people in this country have settled in to this "Take care of me while I sit here" mentality. So they are bored. They don't fight to build a life and better their world so they are just plain bored and they want to be entertained. They look to the media to do it so rather than report the news it has become about making the biggest splash, finding the nastiest secret. It breaks my heart. If they spent even half of that energy DOING our country would not be where it is.


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