Thursday, January 3, 2013

Getting discouraged.

I started a new fun business venture. One that lets me fulfil a dream while being within my ability due to my health. I have thrown myself into it. Honestly not earning much yet because I want to make sure I start off exactly as I am. That has meant making sure that my customer base knows I am in it for more than money. I am truly in it for them. My director nominated me for a pretty great training program and I was thrilled to get in. It is all about becoming a director myself and building my business. However my lovely constant companion means I do things very different than most. I do my whole life different. Chores get spread through the week. Cleaning my floor is an all day multi step process. My differences may get me booted from the program and I have to say that kind of hurts. To know that yet again this junky disease might mess something up sucks. I truly wish it would leave me something.


  1. *hugs* God bless and good luck. ♥

  2. Honestly I can't see how your medical issues would be a problem. It's not like you are trying to become a bricklayer (or other really physical job). If they try to mess with you mention the Americans with Disabilities Act and your cousin who works for the ACLU.

  3. Lol. Luckily my unique approach has impressed the powers that be and I am still in the program. Woot! World prepare for Damsel domination!


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