Thursday, January 10, 2013

Herbal Tinctures

So on my quest to better health I am really embracing holistic healing. Right now my primary source are oils from DoTerra. Gracie introduced me and I am so grateful. I have a regimen of oils I rub on at night to help me sleep, to help my pain.

As I add more oils to our stores and learn more I also want to learn more about other herbal ways to heal and help keep my family safe. I was reading this article on herbal tinctures and was wondering how many of you use these types of remedies? Do you use the alcohol way? Any thoughts?


  1. Drop a note to Midwest Chick on my friends sidebar. She is indeed a close friend, one I spend time with on free weekends when Partner is on the road traveling for business. She is doing a LOT with the tinctures and is quite knowledgeable about the whole process and would likely happily share info with you. (she's got the nice set up downstairs with all her supplies)

    I'll send her a link to this as well, so she knows where the contact came from.

  2. Midwest Chick here. Drop me an email at I've just started making my own herbal tinctures and am having some success with it. Not sure if I'm a good resource, but I can point you in the direction of really good resources.

  3. Yay!!! Thanks so much!

    Brigid you rock for sharing the contact! Then again you always rock in my book! :)


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