Friday, January 4, 2013

Coming out of the closet!

No not that closet. Gutter brains.

Coming out of the blogger pen name closet.

Introducing me! The real me. No holds barred no pen name me!
Hi! I'm Kim! Yes you know me as Lila and for book writing I plan to be Lila because there happens to be a super famous brit singer with my name. Makes websites and google searches and all that stuff never actually lead to me. Handy but annoying when you want to have a career in public things.

So why the reveal? Well that business I started. I wanted to share it with you guys. A few of our favorite blogging friends posted about it for me but I wanted to share it too. Plus having a pen name when you have a Facebook page with almost 3000 fans seemed a little redundant. Especially since I have been pretty vocal there about some recent political issues.

So my dream was to get my RSO cert and my NRA certs and start training women to protect themselves. Seeing women gain the confidence that shooting has given me has become a passion. But that stupid FMS thing likes to mess with me. Then I discovered this pretty cool company. Damsel In Defense. DEFENSE. I loved the name. It is basically an Avon type company but for self defense gear. I was hooked. I now had a way to help women get safe but that I could do. So I joined up and I built my page. I have made some incredible friends as well. Some of my biggest supporters are I love them!! They make awesome medical gear and the chick half of this team has become a dear friend.  Yet again a fave. The chick part is also becoming another wonderful friend. This awesome fire fighter is truly one of the strongest voices for 2A rights and has been a wonderful connection.

Anyway back to Damsel!! Visit my page and my website and tell me what you think. We have pepper spray, stun guns, and some really fun things. I personally love the auto tool. It is a flash light, red flashing beacon, siren, glass break, and seat belt cutter. It is water resistant and has a magnetic head to attach it to the side of the car if needed to gain attention or warn people of your location.

So tell me what you think huh?


  1. You can't toss out a double entrant then say our minds are in the gutter. Not fair.

  2. Heh. Maybe I was the one with the gutter brain. Lol.

  3. Nicely done Lady, and hope the business takes off for you!

  4. Thank you! I hope so to. It has already brought many amazing people into my life which I am so thankful for!

  5. That's absolutely fantastic! And congrats on coming out of! The gun safe! Yeah. Something like that. I'll be checking out your stuff.

  6. Thanks doll!! I sure am proud of it.

  7. Thanks A Girl!! And thank you for always having my back and supporting me in this adventure from the start!! You are a huge blessing to me!


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