Thursday, January 10, 2013

SHOT show fun!

Next week is SHOT. A gun lovers paradise. I was to late to get media crews for the blog. However I am hoping to pull last minute crews for Damsel. I want to at least walk the exhibition floor. *Squee*

Two things I am doing that I am thrilled about are a ladies of the industry lunch on Wednesday hosted by my good friend Lynn, co-creator of DARK Angel medical, and the blogger meet on Thursday hosted by Kevin from Misfires and Lightningstrikes. So breaking excited. Like fan girl excited. I am going to have to try to hold in the oogling. Most people love movie stars. I have fan girl crushes on chick gun people, loggers, and writers. Yeah I am a geek.

On a fun side note I am part of a couple fun giveaways on Facebook. One with Sassy Does. The other is with a number of pages . It is to encourage contacting your reps about gun control issues. Some awesome gear is up for grabs. So go visit my fb page to check it out.

I also am adopting a family each month to raise money for them. Each family has a critically ill/in need child/children. Check out this months family on my page too. ;)


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