Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pretty great gun info!

In all this fighting about rights I like to keep my eyes open for those who really illistrate the facts in an educated, easy to read way. I loved a recent blog on Eight Seconds Of Fame on the subject because he truly did his research, he took the time to show exactly what the "scary" guns were and why they aren't scary and he made sure to educate in a very matter of fact way.

Today I saw this one and I have to say I love it. Very no nonsense and very informative and very much full of great sources. DOJ and CDC to name a few. This was well researched and puts things up in black and white. I just wish more would read it.

I have gotten some flack over being so passionate over this. My own brother and I are very much at odds on this issue. To the point where he has actually posted some pretty disrespectful things in relation to my work that have honestly hurt me deeply. You guys know there are many moments where members of my family have chose to not be supportive. Now that I have found a way to truly help people by placing safety in their hands I feel like I have found a part of myself. I feel like this is my calling, to see people safer and protected, in whatever way I can make that happen, and so it truly hurts to have this part of me bashed by those who should love me most. BUT like I always do I count on what I do have. I have my guy who is so supportive even as he laughs at me. I have my friends and I have added some pretty amazing women to that list. I just wish that my family could see how much joy and passion I have for this and truly felt like they could get behind what I am doing.


  1. Families aren't always defined by shared DNA, just saying. We leave our hearts open to hurt from people just because of something so trivial as a bloodline. We don't have to.

  2. Do what you gotta. You 'know' you've got support out here...

  3. *hugs* ♥

    My husband read somewhere tonight that one of the fathers of one of the slain children, has asked for no more gun laws.

    I just wish more people could see what you see.

    Keep up the good fight and God bless. ♥

  4. Jennifer That's why I love the friends I have made through the blog and my page. I feel like some pretty amazing people are in my life.

    NFO You sir are still one of my favorite people. If you come Vegas way you need to tell me so we can get together.

    Linda I watched that testimony actually. His plea was for a return to civility and morals and to stop blaming the gun. He said that the tool had nothing to do with what happened to those children. It was truly heartbreaking to watch but so very real and honest to see.


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