Thursday, December 20, 2012

Crazies are out in force.

So the high school got a shooting threat today. The high school will be on lock down all day tomorrow. There will be police paroling the grounds at the elementary that my children attend. I am assuming they will be at the other elementary and the middle as well. My middle schooler does not care if he goes to the whole 15 minutes they have school tomorrow so he will be staying home. My two elementary age boys will be attending their parties....but my husband and I are going with them. That way they can go and enjoy their selves and we can be there to keep them safe. The world has gone crazy.


  1. People need to have a life.
    Good luck! I pray things will be well tomorrow. ♥

  2. Yes, the crazies are not only out, but some of them occupy our Senate, our Congress, and our White House ! LOL Stay safe and have a wonderful Christmas.

  3. One in this region today, and one the other day.
    Copycat kids in HS!
    The MSM needs to stop portraying these sickos as heroes!


  4. Hope the day remains quiet. As long as the media has nothing else to talk about the crazies will come out.


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