Wednesday, October 2, 2013

vasovagal syncope

   Trust me it's a good thing.
    Spike was finally diagnosed yesterday. He is allowed to play football, run mile club, participate in PE and rough house with his brothers and friends. That made him a happy boy.
   The doctor wrote him a note saying he needed to carry his Gatorade and a bag of chips with him at all times. This made him a VERY happy boy! He even wrote him a doctor ordered hall pass so he can go to the bathroom any time he needs. I think we like this doctor.
Spike will still faint at times, but it's not dangerous. He needs to up his fluid intake (64+ oz, mostly Gatorade) and eat as much salty junk food as he wants. If he isn't getting enough salt, he can also take a capsule filled with salt. Those are the only changes he will have to make.
   Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.


  1. My 23-year-old daughter has the same problem. Faints every time she starts getting dehydrated. The last time it happened was on an airplane to Japan for her semester abroad. Scary stuff. But when she follows the doctor's orders and actually *drinks* her gatorade every day? Never has a problem, no matter how active she is.

  2. Just keep an close eye on him, and make sure the doc does too. I know a lady who has an extreme form of it. Even drinking her gatorade and eating salty isn't enough if something causes her to start sweating. She has to carry an emergency injection pack with her at all times....

  3. I'm glad you've got a doctor that can help. That's good news.

  4. Daughter is experiencing very light headed and fainting (last time took 9 stiches in her mouth). Her doc has sent her to a cardiologist with all test negative but he told her to eat lots of salt. Thanks for maybe putting us onto a different line of thought.


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