Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Allergies suck

   I ate something I shouldn't have. A week ago Monday I ate a slice of key lime pie. By the time I finished it, my ears were itching. Like REALLY itching. Then the back of my neck and the jaw, then my forehead, the rest of my face and my chest. Thinking I got something on my skin, I washed my face with baking soda. HUGE MISTAKE! It spread like wildfire after that. I used some cortisone cream and went to bed. The next morning my eyes were swollen shut and my upper lip stuck out like a shelf. I went into the urgent care clinic and they gave me Benadryl. After 20 minutes, the swelling went down and I got my prescription for antihistamines, antacids and epipens. Home I went. I was hungry so I ate some hummus. Yup. Another big mistake, although it took me another day to realize that. I ended up in the ER getting a steroid shot in the rear and another prescription for prednisone. The next day, I was in bed feeling miserable and sorry for myself. I ate chips and hummus for lunch. And here we go again. I took my meds and toughed it out. Next day I drank water and chicken broth until late afternoon when I finally had one of the boys make me some ramen because I like food and couldn't take it any more. Here comes another reaction.
   So. Now I have decided it has to be a seasoning or preservative. I can't eat anything I don't make myself and use very limited ingredients in. Right now my go to meal is couscous cooked in organic preservative free chicken broth with parmesan cheese, cilantro and cherry tomatoes. Seasoned with salt only. It's really actually pretty good. And best of all, I don't break out in hives over it. I am drinking a lot of water and dandelion tea to get the histamine and drugs out of my system.
   I did have another mild reaction to César salad dressing day before yesterday while I was traveling. It was the least suspicious looking thing on the menu. I watched my husband and son eat their food and drink their lemonade while I felt my tongue start to tingle after the first few bites of my salad. It's got to be a seasoning, right?
   Sigh. I'm hungry.


  1. Seasoning or preservative. If you can get the complete ingredient list for everything that triggered it you might be able to compare them and see if there's a common factor (since you ate out you might not, but comparing what you can get ought to narrow down the possibilities anyway).

    1. That's the idea! So far so good, no more reactions so hopefully I can start to eat more foods now. Dr also suggested it might have been my body's reaction to a virus and not food related at all.


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