Thursday, May 26, 2016

Conditioner 1 and 2 FAIL. Oh and lice.

Well I tried the first mix. Would make a decent hairspray but not conditioner. For try 2 I dumped half the mix and diluted with water. Not crunchy this time but it made my hair feel like straw. Mix 3 is half acv, half water, a dash of lemon juice and a dash of tea tree oil. I think my hair is too fine for any honey. We'll see how this works.

As a side note- I'm using the tea tree oil as a lice deterrent. My job has me with teenage girls who aren't great at hygiene and who share everything. Add that if I have to do a restraint I'm right up next to them and I refuse to risk it. We live in one of the super lice states so prevention is worth it. I've been treating one child for lice for over a month. Last Wednesday I broke out the online homemade remidies. Did a acv/salt rinse. Soaked in coconut oil for 5 hours. Then a lice shampoo and ended with picking through her hair with the lice gel and comb. Seems to be improving. Cross those fingers.

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  1. Try some rosemary oil in your conditioner too It's supposed to help keep hair healthy.


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