Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Crazy day

OMGOSH! TEENAGERS! The boys are all teenagers now and today was a reminder why I don't like teenagers.

   Oldest is nearly 17 and mopey. All he wants to do is sleep, listen to music and draw. PLEASE son, get some freaking ambition! I mean, is is too much to ask that he wear clothes? Have any of you watched the show, "The Middle"? He is Axle but without the athletics. He's going to live with us until we die, I know it.

  The middle son is crazy. Like no joke. And half his friends are little jerks. The other half just want to make out with their girlfriends.... in my front yard. Ugh. One friend literally sucked face with his girlfriend every minute. They came up for air once in a while but they were practically getting it on on my trampoline. With half the neighborhood kids sitting right there with them. They all awkwardly played on their phones until the couple came up for air long enough to speak a few words before going back to it.

   The youngest son is the baby in every sense of the word. Someone's always picking on him. AND HE WHINES! Like a toddler. I tell him nearly every day, I didn't tolerate it when you were a baby, I'm certainly not tolerating it now. SHUT UP!

   I'm homeschooling now and so far it's gone very well. Today they just decided they weren't feeling it and did everything they could to get out of school work. Granted they did clean up the front lawn, do dishes and mow the yard.

   I don't know. Maybe I'll keep them. Or maybe I'll off one of them as an example to the others. I'll decide tomorrow.

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