Friday, October 16, 2009

The Justice's injustice: Take 2

Saw this article tonight. I knew that outrage would ensue, as it should. We need to hold our public servants responsible for their misuse of office. I think this was a misuse. Maybe I am wrong but allowing a personal prejudice to influence a public servant job is absolutely not okay. I hope he faces consequences.

I am a firm believer that crime can be committed equally across the spectrum of people. I am also a firm believer that miracles for the betterment of humanity can also be committed across that spectrum. No one's race, religion, or sexual orientation defines who they are and/or what actions they will take in their lives. Children from low class homes can and do persevere, often achieving more greatness than the well off kid does. Does the well off kid have it easier? Sure financially. I think the struggling kid though is better off morally and socially because they value what they achieve more and do more with their greatness. No one's life status is a definition of their potential. Saying a biracial child will have a hard time may be true in some places but if you give a child the potential to succeed in how they are raised and loved then even the kid who lives in a box can become president.

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