Friday, October 2, 2009

Mattress Woes!

With all the space we have now we wanted a guest bed. We also hate our bedroom set. We are not fans of particle board. We bought our set as a gift for Hub's brother and then discovered it would not fit into the room we needed it to so we kept it and gave him our raw pine set. I miss that set, lol. anyway we figured if we had to buy a mattress why not buy us a bigger one and put the old mattress and bed frame in the guest room. So we went online to search. We love our queen so we decided to look at the same model and name brand but in king. Found a great deal on Their site said two-day delivery was available and we were stoked. We needed it by the end of the week so that we could have the guest bed for family coming in this weekend. So I ordered it and kept waiting through the process for the place to confirm shipping. It never came. I called and was told it never gave me the option because our mattress was not available for quick shipping. So I canceled the order. I need a bed this weekend not in 3 weeks. Well my money has yet to be returned because it can take "Up to 4 business days." Lovely. Anyway I went to a local furniture store and they had the bed I need cheaper than what I found online. We went with Englander instead of Spring Air. 5lb Memory foam layer on top of individually wrapped innerspring. Sooooooo excited. Iwould totally recommend Englander. They are super affordable and a lot of the big name actually use the Englander insides wrapped in their own covers at a huge price jump. Total score on the bed front. Now just to get my money back from the dumb online place. Luckily they took paypal so I can go after them if needed to get my money.

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