Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another post about female stuff

Sorry guys, if you don't feel comfortable reading about those certain female Dr visits skip this one. (I have another post coming up that will be more to your preferences, I promise)

So I had to go to the Dr to have an IUD removed. It was supposed to be removed 2 years ago and I was really worried about it. I fretted and stewed and finally made the appointment. Three weeks I watched the calender and tried not to think about it. The day before the appointment, 5 minutes before closing time, they called and left a garbled message on my machine about being canceled. They asked me to call them back with any questions. So first thing next morning, I called and asked them why my appointment had been cancelled. I was told it was because I had requested a transfer to another Dr. Ummmm, no I really didn't. What happened was, I needed an appointment last year and my Dr was on vacation, so I went to another Dr that one time. Apparently my Dr's office has a policy that if you ever go see another Dr for any reason, they refuse to ever see you as a patient again. PISSED ME OFF! I go to this Dr because she is the only female gyn in the area. I really, really, really don't feel comfortable going to a male gyn.

I picked up the phone book and called another gyn (the one I had gone to last year when I couldn't get in with the other one) I got an appointment for the next day. Now I am a bundle of nerves, pissed off nerves and scared to death nerves lol.

Anyway there really is a survivalist message here and I will get to that now. I don't want anything unnatural and foreign in me anymore. I have no choice about the hardware in my leg, but the only other way to make sure I don't have any more children is to have a small spring inserted into my fallopian tubes. It basically tears them up until they scar shut. Sounds pleasant, huh? So Hubby is going in to get snipped. He is giving me tons of grief and working every angle to get out of it. Trust me, if I could find a Dr who would do a tubal ligation, I would go in and have it done. None of them will do it right now, they are all using the spring. I would just worry about something happening with that spring if the world as we know it were to end. Where would I go, what would I do? I would be totally screwed if anything were to go wrong with it.

Just my 2 cents, it's something that has been on my mind for quite a while.


  1. Gracie,

    About the fertility stuff - don't worry about it. Over lunch today I got to watch a guest on Rachel Ray walk through the hormone and nutrition of PMS. In detail. It took a long segment to cover all the material.

    What I got from it? Eat properly, hot food, all month long. And sometimes hot spaghetti on the harsh days. There were some supplements, but I didn't take notes.

  2. Get the old man fixed. It works, and improves his sex life. No more worries when you shootblanks. Did mine 30 years ago no regrets. Plus new medical procedures today make it painless.

    See Ya


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