Monday, January 4, 2010

The joys and fails of my holiday week!

I had a roller coaster week. Christmas eve we let the girls each open a present and then we got them to bed. Santa came that night and we woke to gifts galore. Bug was in heaven but poor Squeak was overwhelmed. I think she opened two things before she just sat and stared at all the packages, lol. Hubby bought me my shelf-reliance system which rocked the world, lol. We spent most of the weekend letting the girls play and watching tv or playing games, it was great.

Then Monday happened. I went to the store for groceries and to spend the rest of my Christmas money. When we got home I pulled Squeak from her car seat and took her and a couple bags of groceries into the house from my Durango parked in the garage. When I came back out for more stuff there was an entire gallon of milk on the ground spreading it's liquid goodness. Knowing the stench that would follow if I didn't clean it up I hopped into my SUV to move it and pulled forward. Guess who forgot to close the rear hatch and pulled her garage door apart while ripping the rear wiper off? ME!!! Yeah, it was great. I called a garage repair dude and proceeded to wash/sweep the milk out of the garage. I called the hubs to warn him so he could get the mad out before he saw me and decided to bury me in our back yard. The garage guy came and said we were screwed and needed a completely new door. There went $1200. Hubs just thinks it is funny as hell and ribs me all the time.

The next day I got to see one of my brothers for the first time in months. He and I are very close so I was excited to see him. He lovingly filled me in on his life and mutual friends and all the family gossip I hadn't heard. We hung out, played games, and took the girls to the park. It was nice.

NYE was approaching and knowing how my father loves to see Bug and at the Brother's prodding I arraigned for Bug to spend NYE with my brother, father, and step-mother. I think that was pretty big of me seeing as how my father has nothing but critisism on how we are raising the girls. He hates the LDS chirch and feels we are doing a bad thing by raising the girls LDS. He also has huge issues with me staying home with the girls and seems to assume I do nothing but sit on my butt and expect the Hubs to make money and then come home and take care of the house and girls too. I swear it has to be a miracle neither girls is dead since I do nothing for them or our little family. I also invited everyone to our house to celebrate Squeak turning 1. His first comment after the invitation was, "Who's going to be there?" See if my adoptive mother (his former wife) and my siblings from her or my LDS in-laws were going to be here then he would avoid it at all costs because he doesn't want to catch the evily contagious Mormon bug. I said "No one but us." meaning my little foursome, my brother, and my father and step-mother. He agreed to a breakfast for Squeak. So he came. I planned it as a breakfast so we could all hang out, play games, do whatever. It was the first time he had my brother and I (his only children) in the same place in about a year. HA. Shame on me for hoping. He ran out of here faster than I could blink. I don't think he was even here two hours. He throws a fit about how I don't make an effort, about how the girls are raised, about my laziness, about how he wants a relationship with me but I put up a wall. So I do make an extra effort and he throws it in my face. I guess the effort is only acceptable if it is his way and his terms. Uggg..... WHATEVER.

Then the good! My Mom came in that evening with her amazing guy. We played games and ate dinner and talked. It was exactly what I had hoped for with the earlier get together. The next morning Squeak opened her presents from Grandma and had a ton of fun. My Mom left for home and we watched movies, played, and I read some of my new book stash.

So overall there were some awesome highs, some crappy lows, and a bunch of moments in-between. Overall the week was amazing. In a 10 day period Hubs was home for 7. We laughed and enjoyed our rare time as a family. I cried a bit but I am a crier so it was all good.

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