Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My New Years Resolutions

1. Spend more time with the Boy having fun, and less time yelling.
2. Get back in some sort of decent shape.
3. Quit smoking (again).

Personal Stuff:
4. I would really like to get a hand grinder, but considering the price of the ones I like, this is more of a hope then a resolution.
5. Also, I want to co-op with a friend's family this year for a garden. The Boy is old enough to help out, they have the land, and then have school-age kids who are willing to help out. I love fresh fruits and veggies, we just don't have the space. Also start a small herb garden at the house.

6. Start an emergency home-stash of cash.
7. Rebuild saving to 3 months of expenses.
8. Continue using to better track/save expenses.
9. Continue to not make stupid choices.

10. Go shooting at least once a month.
11. Take knitting or quilting class.
12. Enroll the Boy in Swimming classes.

Preparedness Stuff :
13. Add a stock of various Batteries.
14. Purchase some lighting setups. I.e.: various lanterns and flashlights.
15. Stock up on firewood this winter, perhaps get DNR permit.

Gun Stuff:
16. Save some money each month for a handgun. I know this sounds small, but seeing as my gun knowledge is extremely limited, I'm working with what I've got now.

Food Rotation:
17. This year, be much more realistic about what I'm canning and what amounts. Having lots of fruits and jams is nice, but realistically I should have canned much more veggies. I'm much more likely to use 10 quarts of spaghetti sauce then I am to use 10 quarts of pickles.
18. Purchase a small dehydrator to use for drying own herbs and veggies.


  1. You will love a dehydrator. I have some awesome recipes for jerky and fruit leather.

  2. Good goals, I have a dehydrator on my list also. Will post my full thoughts on your post tomorrow.


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