Saturday, April 16, 2011

Been a while since I've posted.....

but things here have been pretty dull. My mountain man decided the trailer was way to big and actually followed my advice so we sold it and put money back where it needed to be. I am going to buy my concealed carry weapon this week. In our new state you take a course and have to qualify with the weapon you plan to carry and my .40 is just not quite the right fit. I don't feel super comfortable with it and my lack of hand strength from my FMS needs to be a consideration as well as he fact that I am a lefty. My right handed guy bought the .40 for me so the ease of use for safety release is not there and the slide is not fluid. It takes more strength than I always have. So looking myself for a gun that will work. Pretty excited for the prospect since I usually leave the weapons buying to Hubby.

Bug and Monkey are growing like weeds. We had to shave the little ones head because she decided to roll around in glue. It was great fun for my husband but I cried. He hair was already short so it isn't a huge difference but still enough to make me sad!

We still have a dual family house at the moment. Teenagers are fun. It has been nice to switch off cooking duties though I know my BIL is anxious to be doing more than household chores.

Life is good in the desert though the heat is starting to hit already. Not looking forward to it at all!

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