Friday, April 22, 2011

Carrying a weapon.

For a long while now my guy has been slowly pushing the idea at me to conceal carry. It started a few years ago. We lived in a very small apartment and right across the hallway a neighbor went pretty crazy and decided to shoot his gun at others and inside the complex. We were built more like a hotel so front doors were all interior. He pounded on our door and actually aimed to shoot through before he spooked and left. I almost opened that door. Moments later my husband heard a light tap at the back and a swarm of police asked to evacuate us and use our apartment to enter as it was the most covered way to get the closest to him. We were terrified. Had it been later I would have been home alone with a very small child with no way to protect us. He had always owned guns growing up but we had not purchased any of our own and were still a pretty young couple so it never really entered our heads. We also came from a fairly safe area so the crime we were encountering upon our move to our new state was still a bit of a shock.

As evidenced from previous posts I have come around to his way of thinking more and more as I have grown and really figured out who I am as a woman and a mother. To me carrying is about protection. It is about making sure that myself and my children are safe and that I have the ability to provide that safety at any time. I am so grateful for that right. After our move to the desert we had more crime shock. If it was worrying where we were it is down right terrifying here. Recently at a Walmart we sometimes use in full daylight a woman was attacked and hospitalized. Things like that are in the news with horrifying regularity here. Add that only the really public things get reported on the news and it just sucks. We were very lucky to find the area we did. Crime right in our neighborhood is low, the kids play night games, neighbors say hi to each other. We still have a security system and I still plan to learn my weapon well and to know exactly how to use it if I needed too. I plan to take my courses as soon as I can and to get my permit for concealed carry. The only one who can ensure my safety at all times is me and I plan to do that.

I read a really amazing explanation about this very subject at one of our favorite blogs Home on the Range. I think Brigid says it even better than I do.

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