Monday, April 18, 2011

Lila gets a gun!

Woo hoo. I went and bought my conceal carry gun yesterday. I went a little bigger than I had anticipated but I think the trade off was worth it. I looked at the whole range but my choices are not as broad as some as I am a lefty. So either it needed to be a revolver or an ambidextrous semi-auto. A couple reasons I wanted that was ease of use. My .40 is no made for a left handed user. So to switch clips I had to switch hands as my mag release was located for the right thumb. Same for the slide. I had taught myself to shoot right handed if I had too but it still was not my strong side. Hubby was pushing for a hammerless revolver. No issue with slides or mag release.

So we looked through Hubby's favorite local shop. I honestly had never been in having always just waited in the car with the girls when we had an ammo purchase or at home. I got lucky that the owner/instructor was the one who helped me. On top of my need as a lefty I also needed it to be something smooth and easy. My FMS means days when my hand strength is very little so I needed a slide I could pull back with ease even on a bad day and that I could release even without a bullet in the chamber. Trigger needed to be firm but easy enough for me to work. I wanted it to also be safe enough for me to feel comfortable with the kids around it.

I tried a few of the semi-auto's but had a hard time with the slide release. It was a bad day strength wise which made it the perfect day to shop. Finally we narrowed it to the new S & W Bodyguard .38 Special Revolver and the HK P2000 9MM Semi Auto. I took both into the range to try. I shot the HK first and honestly wasn't sure I liked the kick. Then I shot the .38 and that was terrible for me. The fibro makes all my joints hurt and the kick to the revolver shot agony through my hands. Beautiful little gun and my husband loved it. He may go back to get it anyway for that reason but for me the HK was a much better fit. So I got it!!

We bought it, my conceal holster to go at the base of my spine. I think on my person that is the best spot for it. We also got several types of home defense rounds to see which one feels better when I shoot. I also got snap caps to practice my dry fire and slide at home without worry of damage. We put my open carry holster on order and I will take my concealed weapons course next month. So this girl is getting better prepared. I feel I have to. Crime here is going through the roof. I am not going to open carry all over the place, but when we are on the quads in the desert I plan to. I also will probably conceal carry pretty regularly.


  1. WTG Lila! I got to shoot a handgun for the first time two weeks ago and loved it! Even though I was stupid and held it wrong and got slide bite. Ouch. I still think I want one though.

  2. I've been doing my snap cap practice every night. Load my 5 rubber backed bullets in the clip, into the gun, pull slide, aim, trigger pull, pull slide, repeat...... reload. I do it twice for each hand. Hoping to live fire practice a couple times a month. They make the bodyguard in a semi auto as well as revolver. Super affordable, built in lazer, very nice little gun. You should look into it babe.


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