Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Broody hens

I have a hen who has gone broody (for those of you unfamiliar with chickens, this means she is mean as a rattlesnake and probably more prone to bite. Actually it means she wants to be a mama but she's still mean.) and I want her to be able to hatch out babies. Because I don't have a functioning rooster at the moment, her own eggs won't do. So, I have two options. I can get some fertilized eggs and hope she stays on them long enough for them to hatch (She's already been setting for a week now) or I can buy chicks and hope she accepts them. So tomorrow I am going to go buy two chicks and put them with her. If they are still under her by the next morning, we are good to go and I will buy a few more. If she rejects them, I will raise them myself and get her some eggs. I guess I just feel bad that she has been so miserable and cranky and gets nothing for it.

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