Tuesday, January 10, 2012

No more negativity.... "Guns saving lives - Nevada Style"

So I had my little "Gun Death" posts inspired by Weer'd but limited to local stories. I posted only a couple. Not for lack of stories but honestly because it was so dang depressing. This area is full of violence. Vegas was ranked as one of the worst for crime in the country recently. Ick!!!

I decided I wanted to highlight stories that show where a gun saved lives locally. We have those too!! So no more negativity!!! I give you my new positive series. "Guns saving lives - Nevada Style"

Robbery attempt and shooting at pawn shop surprises neighbors.

That one left the robber dead and the shop worker unharmed!!! Score a point for us!!!

Homeowner packing heat: burglar "lucky" to be alive

This one left the burglar one lucky duck. The gun wasn't fully loaded. Still saved the homeowner though! Those are the two most recent. I plan to post them as they happen from now on. Sometimes we only have a moment to defend ourselves and I would rather have the force to truly put the odds in my favor than just the hope we get out of it okay.

 Guns Save Lives!!!


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