Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Since when does killing someone mean people should feel sorry for YOU?

Okay I love my CNN Justice News. I have thought Van der Sloot was a murdering coward since his involvement in Natalee Holloway's case. The guy changed hs story more than a tabloid. He confessed and took it back. He tried to blackmail the family.

Then Peru. A girl is murdered on the anniversary of Natalee's disappearance. She in in his hotel room and they had been seen entering together. He is found days later on the run crossing a border. Then he goes to jail and it takes ages to get him brought on charges. He refuses to acknowledge what he did. Now today he enters a guilty plea and his lawyer begs the court to consider HIM and all he has been through in their sentence because he doesn't deserve a harsh sentence.

WTF? Forget that there is no life in prison for this. There is no death penalty. Already Peru's system is lenient to killers. Now he wants more leniency. He brutally killed Stephany Flores. He admits it but claims some sort of weird PTSD because of the scrutiny on him over Natalee.

Well you POS you BLACKMAILED the Holloway family, you admitted to killing her on tape, you kept yourself in that spotlight by bringing things up concerning her constantly. BS to any sort of trauma or stress. You are a killer of women and I really hope that civilian justice is more lethal that the legal system there and someone at least teaches you what it feels like to be a victim.

Ahhhhhh....... I know I am probably a bit harsh in the thought but it really gets to me when someone who is a predator tries to play the victim. He may have admitted guilt but asking for lenience based on his own stress and horrible life belittles Staphany was put through. She deserves justice. Her family deserves to see the man who killed their loved one suffer for what he did.


  1. I didn't think you were too harsh at all. Yours is the healthy reaction. The sane reaction.

    The fact that your instinct seems to be to apologize to whomever might be "offended" speaks volumes about how much damage has been done by the inverted morality of our times: pity the predator, ignore the victim.

  2. Thank you for understanding my thoughts.


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