Thursday, January 12, 2012


So I pissed off an assistant principle today. I also let him know in no uncertain terms that I will not put up with his crap.
He called to tell me that he was giving Crash a full day of detention over yesterdays issue. I asked him to call the teacher and get his schoolwork for the day because I was taking him home. He thought that was a bad idea, (shocker, right?) and asked if we could sit down and talk about this situation. I told him that would be a good idea but I couldn't do it today because Hubby would want to be there and he had just gotten home from a night shift.
I went to the school to pick up Crash. The assistant principle never even came out of his office. I was standing three feet away from his open door when I asked if I needed to sign my son out. I even said Crash's name (which is almost as distinctive as his nickname) so he would know I was there.
When I got out to the car my son told me that he had said to him "Wow, your mom is cranky!"
I called the school and asked to speak to Mr so and so. He wanted cranky, he got cranky. I asked him if he seriously just said that in front of my son. He backpedaled saying "No, ma'am, I did not!" Now I don't know what was said, I wasn't there. All I know is that the word cranky is not one my son usually uses. He could have made it up to get back at the guy, or he could have actually heard it. No matter, I wanted the guy to know I wasn't going to roll over on this.
We have a meeting tomorrow afternoon to make sure we are "all on the same page".
Now, I don't have any problem with my kids getting punished for something they did wrong. But in this case, he did nothing wrong other than forget that his teacher had asked him not to do something. I am not going to let ANYONE walk on my kids like that. Not going to happen.


  1. Good for you! School administrators are terrified of angry parents. Ironically, most of those parents don't want their kids held accountable for what they DID do. A parent demanding sense should be a refreshing change of pace.

  2. Can I say "you go girl" without actually using that tired phrase?

    Every once in a while I let my anger out on one of the bullies in school administration. They tend to treat parents as students. I don't take kindly to that.

  3. Suz, if one of my boys actually DOES something wrong, I am the first to step and and ask what punishment they are given so that I know how much more to give them when they get home. Crash was in trouble a few weeks ago and was suspended. He spent those days "off" washing dishes, doing laundry, taking care of our dogs and mucking out stalls for a friend of mine. I don't think I am out of line for letting him slide on something this unimportant. I am a hard parent, but I am not going to let his past transgressions influence what he does today. Thanks for the support

    North, I didn't take kindly to that either. I am very non-confrontational so for me to call this guy up and ask him what was said says something as to how angry this whole situation has made me. I even dressed for the occasion wearing my shirt with my little wrestlers mean faces on it. It says, "You think they're tough? You should see their mom!" Thanks!

  4. I think you have probably noticed this already, but another thing that totally irks me, is that one a kids is "diagnosed" they seem to stay under the proverbial microscope. The eyes are always on them, and every little thing they do is scrutinized. I think there are even times when this can effect the quality of their education, because either the kid feels singled out and just doesn't care anymore, because everybody considers him a bad kid. And/or the faculty do not spend the time needed on that kid because they are never going to be a 'good' kid and then, leave-no-kid-behind kicks in.
    A good friend of mine went thru similar issues with his son, and it came to a head in middle school, when they finally called the staff/faculty on their BS and essentially told them to back off the boy and just teach him. (side note: that boy grew up to be a "good kid"; finished tech college in half the time by testing out, got a great paying factory job, right out of high school, married a great gal, just served a tour in Iraq, and is currently setting up his own business. )

  5. Midwest Patriot, I think that is exactly what has happened with my son. Not necessarily when he was diagnosed, but after a few altercations earlier this year with a bully. Bully was bringing weapons (scooter handle bars) to school and hitting kids with them. My son got hit in the back. He got up off the ground and bloodied the bully's nose. This was just the worst of the five or so fights they had this year. Not once was my son the first to throw a punch. He was always defending himself. I always told him never throw the first punch....throw the last one. The Bully is now going to another school, and now it seems they are looking for something else to bring Crash into the office for. Now that I have called them on the BS, hopefully it will stop.


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