Monday, November 16, 2009

And you wonder why we call him Brusier.

Bruiser landed his little butt in the ER.....again. He was in the garage (mistake #1) and jumping on a pogo stick (mistake #2). Dad had forgotten to put some of his tools away (mistake #3) and the pogo stick came down on a screwdriver. The screwdriver rolled, Bruiser went flying and landed on his head. I am unsure at this point if his head hit the sledge hammer or the cement or both. Either way, he has a concussion. He lost conciousness and doesn't remember a thing. How is he supposed to learn from his mistakes if he can't remember them?


  1. I dunno, Maybe you should make him wear a helmet all the time.

  2. Or keep him wrapped in bubble wrap. No, scratch that, his brothers would just punch him to pop the bubbles.


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